Benefits for companies

Your company can be part of this great work and position itself as a benchmark business of Corporate Social Responsibility. Working hand in hand with Habitat Honduras you can generate a positive and significant impact on your collaborators and on the community you are targeting.

Come to us and let’s work together for a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Our work is based on articulation with all actors in society: we know that, otherwise, change is impossible. And our mission is also sustained thanks to the support of companies that, year after year, commit themselves through Social Responsibility actions.

From this perspective, working together with companies as actors committed to the cause of adequate housing is relevant. Through different forms of linkage, we reconcile the objectives of CSR with our actions.

The main ways in which we carry out common goals are as follows:

  • Supporting the financing of projects through which families improve or build their home. In this way, thanks to a company, more houses are financed.
  • Through the Corporate Volunteering Program, which mobilizes help for families who are building their home.
  • Financing specific programs such as Workshops and Trainings that contribute to access to housing and adequate habitat.
  • Sponsorship of the Yearbook and different events. In both cases, the intention of making our mission visible and mobilizing society to collaborate with the different projects.
  • Other ways to align common goals in favor of adequate housing.

Through shelter, we empower Honduran families. ¡Join us!