Global Village

This idea was born in 1989 with the intention of organizing groups abroad that travel to different countries to support the construction of houses built by Habitat in the world. Habitat Honduras received its first Global Village group after Hurricane Mitch in 1999.

It consists of a series of short-term trips designed to live a comprehensive experience of education, culture and spirituality where foreign volunteers share with a Honduran family with limited resources, the satisfaction of the construction of their home.

Through this Habitat Program, Honduras makes an important contribution to national tourism, generating foreign exchange for the country, by contracting transportation services, hotel services, restaurants and visits to tourist sites.

Why form an International brigade?

The most valuable part is building together with a family, since it allows volunteers to have a clearer idea of ​​the reality in which Hondurans live who do not have decent housing.

To learn about the challenges of development, the international economy, and different cultures around the world.

To have fun with the different cultural activities in each of the areas they visit in the country, interacting with its inhabitants and their culture.

Habitat Honduras currently serves more than twenty brigades a year with approximately 300 volunteers who come from North America and who work in the 7 areas where the regional offices operate.

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