Healthy housing

Program for families in extreme vulnerability

In order to serve Honduran families living in extreme poverty, various ethnic groups in the country are served with housing solutions with full subsidy.

Healthy housing

The Proyecto de Vivienda Saludable contemplates the construction and improvements of housing for the Honduran ethnic groups that live in precarious conditions and extreme poverty. Includes housing construction and a package of improvements such as: change of roof, plastering of walls, concrete floors, construction of latrines, sinks and improved fire pit.

Due to their condition of extreme poverty, families do not pay for improvements. However, they provide unskilled labor and carry material to buildings.

The project has a direct impact on the health of the benefited families, thus avoiding Chagas disease, insect bites, overcrowding and that these families have a better quality of life, health and hygiene.

Currently working with the following ethnic groups:

  • Chortí in Copán, 615 improvements and new homes.
  • Lencas in Lempira, 409 improvements and new homes.
  • Misquitos in Gracias a Dios, 139 improvements and new homes.
  • Tolupanes in Francisco Morazán, 151 improvements.
  • Pech in Colón, 23 new homes.

Through shelter, we empower Honduran families. ¡Join us!