Habitat International

Driven by the vision of each person deserves a decent place to live, Habitat for Humanity began in 1976 as a movement based in a community farm in south of Georgia, United States.

The Cristian based housing organization has grown since then to become a world leader non-profit that work alongside the 50 States of the country and in more than 70 countries.

The Habitat homeowners are not simple spectators, but participate in their housing solution. Many of them work as volunteer and obtain a credit base on their income or different methods. Families and people needed of a hand partner with Habitat for Humanity to build or improve a place where they can call home.

Through the financial support, the volunteering or speak out to support the affordable housing, everyone can support the families to reach the strength, stability and self-sufficiency that need to build a better life for themselves. Through the housing we empower people.

To obtain more information about Habitat International, visit habitat.org.

Through shelter, we empower Honduran families. ¡Join us!