Strategic plan

Habitat Honduras works to help vulnerable families obtain safe and resilient homes through products and services that respond to the reality of the country’s housing deficit.

This is achieved through the construction of new homes, either as single-family homes or in the form of housing complexes.

We also help families improve or repair existing houses to make sure they are in proper condition. Families can access these services by paying a low-interest mortgage or, in some cases, through partial or full grants. Families working to improve their homes see benefits in the form of less crowded living conditions, greater security, and fewer cases of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Construction. This initiative has been implemented under the leadership of Habitat and academic partners such as the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, la Universidad Católica de Honduras and the Centro de Desarrollo de Arquitectura, which supervised the development of the architectural design of the project.

Habitat has also partnered with indigenous groups on more than 1,800 solutions for families, including new homes, home repairs, green stoves, potable water systems, and basic sanitation facilities such as latrines.

One of Habitat’s strengths in Honduras has been its administrative management, specialized in selection criteria that ensure that the most vulnerable populations receive support first.

Habitat Honduras is currently promoting a social housing project that includes multi-story buildings (condominiums), this not only provides a decent and affordable housing solution, but also addresses the challenges faced by families to access suitable geographic conditions for residences.

Through shelter, we empower Honduran families. ¡Join us!